Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Pro-Life Movement I Would Support

I would love to join a pro-life movement! I can’t think of anything better to put my energy into. The pro-life movement I would support would take on the following tasks.
To get all governments to:
Create and enforce an international ban on the death penalty.
Place an international tax of at least 75% on the profits of all weapon making companies, as well as establish a yearly quota of how much can be produced.
Instill an international mandate that every politician or leader who chooses to go to war - or their son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter - must enlist for battle.
Introduce an education system where all high-school level students are required to live and study abroad for 6 – 12 months.
Create and implement programs to effectively eliminate hunger around the world.
Create strict regulations on how animals are slaughtered for food, as well as enforce a quota of how many animals may be killed for food per year.
Fund companies to invent pesticides and poisons that only repel insects and rodents and don’t kill them.
Change the prison system so that no private company or individual makes a profit, and any revenue is distributed for social services and programs to eliminate crime.
Decriminalize the use of soft drugs.
Create well-funded planned parenthood institutions that focus on pregnancy prevention and fully inform pregnant women of their options, as well as enforce a law that requires thorough sex education in public and private schools.
Instill educational programs for pre-schoolers where boys are taught to respect girls and women, and girls are encouraged to be independent, self-sufficient individuals.
How about you? Are you interested in a pro-life movement? What would yours look like?


  1. Hi Joe. I like a lot of your ideas. I don't believe all are to practical! - but then, when politicians are involved, practicality doesn't exist.
    My ideas center around a new definition of the role the United States place in international arenas. I come from a strong faith-based background. I do believe in God the creator. I believe God created everything in this world - and did so for a particular reason.
    I travel, internationally, a great deal. I am forced to always compare what we have in the US against what others have or do not have. Within my belief system, I believe the Us is a well blessed nation. There is no doubt that we, as US Americans, have, on the whole, more wealth in money and resources than any other nation. I believe that is ordained by God for a specific reason - and that reason has not been properly realized by our society. The United States, if it wanted to, could end world hunger; could grant its own citizens adequate health care coverage; could end its dependence on fosil fuel; and could be a moral example to the rest of the world. In short - the United States COULD be the greatest "servant society" ever created. But we have chosen, instead, to be glutenous, arrogant and power-hungry. "Pro-life," for me, entails embracing a life's agenda in which the other person is placed before me - at all levels.

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  3. Hello JM,
    Thank you so much for your comment. It's taken a long time to respond, but I support what you say very strongly. I feel it has to do with a level of maturity. The US, being blessed with so much wealth and power, has been asked to "grow up", to operate from a level of maturity and spiritual and social responsibility. As the saying goes, :With great power comes great responsibility."
    My hope is that we are ending our 30-year "frat boy" phase of our development and are finally moving into one of generosity, compassion and wisdom. I pray for that every day...
    Please keep writing!